Children’s Dentist in Woodhaven

Children’s Dentist in Woodhaven

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Preventing dental decay, and thereby cavities is a high priority for us here at Queens Children Dentist. In addition to the fundamentals, which include six month checkups and teeth cleanings, we are also pleased to offer fluoride treatments.

You can find fluoride, a natural mineral, in most commercially available toothpastes, as well as many dental rinses. It’s also added to municipal water supplies, and yours may just be among them. What fluoride does is to strengthen tooth enamel against the acids found in dental plaque and tartar, the reasons that dental decay occurs. The progression is that decay leads to holes in teeth, or what are better known as cavities. And when you bring her or him in for a checkup with our children’s dentist in Woodhaven, those cavities have to be treated. If they get large enough, there is a much better chance of a toothache and maybe an infection developing. So taking every reasonable and effective measure available to stop those outcomes from happening makes perfect sense. Fluoride treatments done by our children’s dentist in Woodhaven can not only stop dental decay, but can even reverse the process. If you’re wondering about safety, we can assure you that fluoride, when administered in proper amounts, is no threat whatsoever to his or her teeth or health in general. For best results, treatment should be done every six months, when you bring your child in for a teeth cleaning. It doesn’t take long, and it’s a simple, painless process.

Sometimes it is the basic things in life that bring so much joy, and that is definitely true when it comes to your child not having cavities at her or his checkups. Let’s make those occurrences a regular thing. Just reach out to our office and book an appointment with our children’s dentist in Woodhaven so that he or she can get fluoride treatment.

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