Children’s Dentist in Woodhaven

Children’s Dentist in Woodhaven

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Fluoride treatments in Woodhaven

Plaque and decay are the most danger things to both teeth and gums capable of causing cavities, tooth loss and periodontal disease. Decay wears away the teeth, so it is imperative that we try to protect our teeth in the most effective way possible. Obviously, the best way to protect teeth from bacteria and eventual decay is through a rigorous regiment of brushing, flossing and using dental rinses; however this is often not enough especially for children’s teeth. According to our Children’s dentist in Woodhaven, the use of fluoride can often assist each of us, especially younger people in protecting our teeth.

The outer layer of enamel protects teeth. In children this hard outer layer particularly vulnerable to bacteria, especially since many young people are not yet proficient in their daily oral care routines. Fluoride is a mineral that is found in many foods and is deposited on the tooth’s enamel helping to strengthen it. During the day fluoride and other minerals are taken away from the enamel when it comes in contact with the acids produced by plague on the teeth and gums eventually allowing decay to take root on the weakened enamel. By adding fluoride our Children’s dentist in Woodhaven strengthens the enamel by improving the balance of the mineral versus the acids on the tooth’s surface.

Fluoride is found in the drinking water in about two-thirds of the community water systems in the US. Studies done over the past 70 years have consistently shown that fluoride in the water is safe and very effective in reducing cavities, which decline between 20 – 40 percent in communities with fluoride in their water. As an added precaution for younger patients our children’s dentist in Woodhaven recommends additional fluoride treatments in our office to further strengthen the enamel on their developing teeth. Explore your community’s fluoride content in its water and talk to our Queens Children’s Dentist in Woodhaven about additional fluoride treatments for your children.

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