Dentistry for Kids 11421

Dentistry for Kids 11421

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The importance of mouthguards in 11421

There are many good reasons to feel positive about your child’s participation in athletics. They can promote a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, as well as instilling pride in achievement and the ability to lose with dignity. That doesn’t even take into account the physical fitness benefits. But just as you would not send your child to play a sport, whether organized or just a group of friends gathering at the playground or ball field, without the proper safety equipment for her or his head, knees, etc., it’s important to take advantage of the mouthguards we have available here at Queens Children Dentist.

If you’re not familiar, mouthguards look a little like retainers. They are designed to fit comfortably, but snugly, over your child’s teeth. Our dentistry for kids 11421 takes impressions of his or her teeth so that the results are precise. And the are absolutely crucial for protecting your child’s teeth from the hazards of many sports. And what hazards are we referring to? The ball or puck is certainly the first consideration. Depending on your child’s sport of choice, this could be a hard ball traveling at very rapid speeds. There are also sticks and bats to be concerned with, such as in baseball, lacrosse, and hockey, among others. And a stray elbow, even one delivered unintentionally, could lead to an unexpected but necessary visit to our dentistry for kids 11421. Even the danger of tripping and falling face first is a good reason for the use of mouthguards.

The bottom line is that you care about your child’s teeth, so why not keep them shielded to the greatest extent possible? All that is necessary is to reach out to our dentistry for kids 11421 to schedule a time to come in with your child, who should never play a sport without a mouthguard.

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